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Happy Lame Duck Day:

A holiday to remind us to hold politicians accountable!

Play the Game

Play Lame Ducks Amuck! Soar through the halls of Congress and stop the lame ducks from taking over American policy! Plus, have fun learning about the harmful policies politicians consider when they think nobody’s looking…

Contact The President

Today is Lame Duck Day, a holiday in honor of the 20th Amendment! Contact President Obama and remind him you’re staying on top of key issues, even during this election year when he hopes you’ve tuned out!


Key Vote: Stop Obama’s Carbon Rule

Listen to our podcast to get up to speed on the President’s plan for a federal takeover of our energy sector, driving up our energy bills. In his Lame Duck year, he has his sights on forcing through a number of truly unpopular and harmful policies through executive orders — that is, WITHOUT a vote by our representatives.

Remind Obama: We Need Relief

The Lame Duck year can be used to make big moves on your way out of office. Yet the President still won’t budge when it comes to giving Americans relief from his disastrous health care law. Click here to remind him we need relief from Obamacare. If he wants to make a big move, he can fix this mistake. This is the time!